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AEA klub: Leveraging Software-Defined Servers to Address SAP HANA Architectural Problems

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Presentation Title: Leveraging Software-Defined Servers to Address SAP HANA Architectural Problems
Presenter: Eric Fitzpatrick, Director of Solutions Engineering, TidalScale 
Presentation Description: 
SAP HANA often requires the largest servers available in order to meet the extremely large amounts of RAM needed to run some of the world’s largest companies’ in-memory business solutions. This leads to difficulties in sizing and ordering the proper hardware in a timely and affordable manner. To meet these challenges, TidalScale enables software-defined servers based on their inverse-hypervisor software. Unlike traditional hypervisors which subdivide a single server into multiple virtual machines, inverse-hypervisors aggregate multiple physical servers into a single virtual machine – a “software-defined server.” We will examine in-depth how this technology works and why it is so suitable for addressing the challenges of the SAP HANA market. Topics covered will also include proper SAP sizing, upgrade/patching scenarios, as well as a demonstration creating a multi-system software-defined server.
Presenter Bio: 

As TidalScale’s Director of Solutions Engineering, Eric Fitzpatrick is responsible for leading customer application deployment for software-defined servers. He has over 25 years of SAP experience, specializing in architecting systems and infrastructure for the world's largest enterprises. Eric joined TidalScale from Freudenberg IT, a Managed Service Provider focused on hosting customer SAP systems, where he served as VP of Sales and previously, VP of Engineering. As VP of Engineering, he spearheaded the creation of the first SAP-certified Private Cloud. Prior to that, Eric served as a Research Fellow at SAP Labs, working to optimize SAP for virtualized environments (VMware, AWS, etc.). Eric holds a BSE in Computer Science Engineering from University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of Engineering and a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of Business.